Build Your Web3 App with DropChain

The DropChain Network is a layer-1 blockchain designed to streamline and simplify the web3 experience for both beginners and seasoned developers.

Simplified & Secure Web3 Experience


Unlike public blockchains like Ethereum, DropChain is semi-private, focusing on user-friendliness and developer ease.

Walled Garden

Ideal for newcomers to web3, offering a secure environment to explore blockchain applications like NFT minting and web3 gaming.

User Onboarding

Users effortlessly sign in, automatically receiving a blockchain wallet and gas for DropChain applications for free, with a pathway to full self-custody.

Dev Convienence

Utilize the DropChain API for seamless smart contract interactions, freeing developers from complex blockchain coding.

Empowering Users & Developers

DropChain’s unique approach includes mechanisms to safeguard both developers and end users in the evolving landscape of web3.

  • Asset Exporting

    Users can move their assets to self-custody wallets on major public blockchains, fostering a balance between security and autonomy.

  • Guide to Self Custody

    Gradual introduction to the concepts and benefits of self-custody in the blockchain world.

  • Tamper-Proof

    In case of fraud or critical application errors, DropChain can intervene to freeze and limit the movement of assets within the DropChain Network, protecting both parties.

  • Useability

    DopChain's architecture makes the web3 simple for users and developers. SSO, pre-made smart contracts, and useful guide, DropChain is built for everyone.