DropChain Marketplace Pausing 12/1 | New Opportunities Ahead

The DropChain Marketplace will close on 12/1, paving the way for new opportunities for mission-aligned growth.

Nathaniel Thoreson

November 28, 2023

Carter Razink (CEO) and Nathaniel Thoreson (CMO) launched DropChain in 2022, driven by a vision to empower anyone to easily build user-friendly web3 apps. A year into this journey, we're thrilled to report that DropChain is living up to its mission.

Recently, we've witnessed a surge of creators worldwide leveraging DropChain to craft remarkable web3 products, successfully introducing thousands of newcomers to this space.

The DropChain Marketplace is clearly a compelling opportunity for NFT creators to sell their collections to a new audience. With it, anyone with a credit card can jump into the world of web3 by purchasing NFTs. It has been a vibrant hub for creative expression and innovation, showcasing a diverse range of NFTs from talented creators worldwide. It's been inspiring to see the enthusiasm and engagement from our community, and these experiences have been instrumental in shaping the future direction of DropChain.

Despite all of the amazing things that the DropChain Marketplace has enabled, it does not align with the mission of DropChain.

In addition, we've noticed an uptick in fraudulent activities and scam attempts within the Marketplace. Our team has been vigilant, ensuring every listed collection is legitimate and transparent – we're proud to say there have been zero scams under our watch.

But, dealing with these fraudulent transactions and dubious listing requests has become a significant distraction and a minor financial burden.

A few months ago, we made the decision to reject any requests to list NFTs on the DropChain Marketplace without a web3 project to complement the collection. While this did reduce nefarious activity, it was not enough.

After much deliberation, we've made the tough call to temporarily pause purchases and listings the DropChain Marketplace, effective 12/1/23. It wasn't an easy decision, but it was necessary.

In this transition, we're doubling down on our commitment to community support. We understand that changes like these can raise questions and concerns. That's why our team is more available than ever on our Discord channel, ready to offer guidance, answer questions, and listen to your feedback. Your insights and experiences are invaluable as we navigate this shift together.

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My Collection is Listed on the DropChain Marketplace. What are my options? 

If your collection is on the DropChain Marketplace, note that sales will be paused starting December 1st. You should have already received a detailed message from us about this change, including next steps and options. If you have any further questions, our team is just a Discord message away.

What Now?

Carter and Nathaniel strongly believe that halting the DropChain Marketplace will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the DropChain ecosystem. 

We strongly believe that NFTs will fundamentally change how we interact on the internet - but utility is the key. The DropChain team is actively researching and building new cross-chain functions that will bring unprecedented utility and user-friendliness to NFTs. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we can't wait to share more with you as our vision comes to life.

For those interested in selling NFTs and building on the DropChain network, we will release tutorial videos demonstrating how to implement credit card transactions into your web3 app. 

We fully intend on relaunching the DropChain Marketplace when we have the resources to build infrastructure that more effectively manages fraud and scams. The new release date is yet to be determined.

Thank you to everyone who has joined and supported the DropChain ecosystem. We believe that DropChain's tools will change the way users and builders interact with web3.

If you're interested in building your own web3 app, we highly recommend you create a free account on DropChain.Network and join the DropChain Discord Community.

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