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Onboarding the next 1B web3 users, DropChain partners with NiftGen

Niftgen uses the DropChain API and SSO to simplify the user experience for their web3 video-sharing product.

Nathaniel Thoreson

May 10, 2023

Like all emerging technologies, adoption doesn’t happen all at once. First, come the early adopters. Risk-takers. These early users are attracted to the underlying technology with enough conviction to overcome any contemporary technological limitation. Their great passion for novel technology is the catalyst for eventual mass adoption.

Most people, though, need more convincing. They’re looking for more than just novel technology, especially if it impedes or complicates their experience. What’s needed is a compelling product, with tangible benefits, with a low barrier to entry. 

DropChain, the development suite to simplify web3 application development and user onboarding, announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Niftgen, the web3 hub for video creators to optimally monetize their content. 

Together, they’re on a mission to onboard the next 1 million web3 developers and 1 billion web3 users. 

DropChain is a web3 development tool that allows anyone to create web3 apps and seamlessly onboard their users with existing web2 credential technology. Through the API, builders are empowered to enhance their traditional application with web3 functionality. The DropChain Single Sign On tools provides a one-click onboarding experience for non-web3 native users. DropChain can be added directly to an app in under 20 lines of code, or it can be connected to no-code builders like FlutterFlow or Bubble.

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Niftgen has created a next-generation platform for video creators to better monetize their content and engage their community. Niftgen founders Philip Grichener and Christian Casini  are tackling a core problem in the video creator economy today:

“98% of video creators earn a wage below the US poverty line of $12,160 annually - primarily because of low engagement in an ad-based system where engagement is monetization. Niftgen rewards users for their engagement with platform tokens which can later be used to vote on future content and attain exclusive content access.”

The platform’s popularity has ballooned in recent months - attracting some of the largest content creators within the Algorand ecosystem including JT Invests in You, THEADAMBERGMANSHOW, and KryptoNurd. 

The Niftgen team now turns to DropChain to help seamlessly onboard their users with the DropChain Single Sign On. Thanks to this partnership, users with no web3 experience can sign-up and start using Nifgen with a single click. 

“DropChain will fundamentally change our user-adoption strategy,” said Niftgen co-founder Christain Casini. “Our ultimate goal is to make content creation collaborative and profitable for creators and their audience. We cannot fulfill our mission without making the platform easy to use and DropChain will help us with that.”
“Building inclusive technology is critical to the web3 industry. DropChain simply empowers builders to reach a wider audience,” said DropChain co-founder and CEO Carter Razink. “Our partnership with NiftGent goes far beyond a few dollars trading hands. We’re working together to onboard the next wave of web3 users. Video sharing is the perfect place to start.”

About Niftgen

Niftgen is an Algorand-based hub where video creators better monetize their content. On Niftgen, video creators will be able to upload their content and have their fans subscribe to their channels. With competitive commission splits, video creators on Niftgen will keep the majority of their earnings and thanks to the creator pool, grow with the community. Going forward, fans will not only be rewarded for their engagement with Niftgen tokens (e.g. for rating a video), but also be able to actively partake in content creation and help creators grow.

About DropChain

DropChain is a development suite that enhances web2 apps with web3 functionality and seamlessly onboards web2 users onto web3 apps. Today, the technology has enabled our partner apps to onboard 30,000 total users with DropChain's one-click sign-on solution. Get started with building with DropChain for free and only pay when you grow. Join the community of web3 builders by joining the DropChain Discord server and follow them on Twitter for product updates.

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